Friday, September 19, 2008

Chapter 2 Part 2 - Dreams

Twenty minutes later John and I found ourselves speechless staring at the ugly woman bubble gum bandit. We had dreamed about an opportunity like this for years but never really thought it would happen to us.

I met John at Yale back in 69’ where we were both going for a criminal law degree. He was always better at school then me; I resented him for it a little at the time but would have never admitted it. He had been drafted right out of high school but took a bullet in Nam and got discharged. After that, he knew that he could not go back to a boring desk job so he decided to get his degree and join the FBI. That feels like it was just yesterday but its been over 30 years. He has cracked hundreds of cases over the years and was due to retire a few years back but the case of TUWBGB had kept him on.

We use to have all the time in the world to live out our dreams, but the older I get the more I realize time is slowly running out. To tell you the truth before today I had all but given up on ever living out such an adventure like the one that we now seem to be embarking on.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I don't even know...

So I am taking physics at CNM this semester, at night which makes this fact even worse! Just a FYI I would not recommend taking physics I dislike it very much, but that is not the point of this little blog.

CNM main campus has a huge parking issue during the day, which means you have to park across the street and walk which isn't a huge deal if you allow adequate time to walk. At night on the other hand you can park in the parking lot next to the buildings, because there isn't as many night classes or something. It was this way tonight, there were at least five parking spots on the row I chose to park in which was on the far side of the parking lot, but still ridiculously close to class in my opinion. So I started walking to class and not more the five spots closer to the building there was a lady in her car sitting with her turn signal on waiting for a parking spot. She was willing to wait just to park fifty feet closer! Is this how lazy our society has gotten? Maybe she had a good reason for it, like she has a bum leg or she is blind and didn't see the row of empty stops right in front of her. Who knows? At any rate I just needed to let someone know about my experience.