Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Starring Barack Obama

So it is 2009 and no one has written a blog in quite awhile. haha. I am sure that between the last blog written and the present several things have happened that are worth writing about. Umm, the war going on in Gaza, Gov. Bill Richardson being all shady in his dealings, the first black president being elected, the economy, or maybe how fast I ran the 1.5 mile fitness test for my lifetime wellness class. Those are all pretty interesting things, to me, but thats not what I want to write about. It does have to do with Barack Obama but, not about how historic of a thing it is that he got elected. Mostly I just find it really strange, and annoying, that he is being treated like a movie star. It seems to me like every night there is some news about how Obama went on vacation in Hawaii and about how is daughters first day of school went, and this isn't on the evening news, it's on Entertainment Tonight. ET is a celebrity gossip show. Who gives a crap about the photo of Barack Obama with his shirt off sitting by the pool. I know there is news about his economic policy and junk like that too, and I understand that he has not even officialy taken office yet, but in the meantime I don't need to hear about the type of dog they are looking at and which one would "fit" the White House better. He is going to be our President, not the A-list star in the next Iron Man movie.

and I ran it in 10 minutes and 47 seconds.