Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cheaper Video Equipment

So I recently bought a Nikon D3100 to use for taking video footage. However, I soon found out that much more equipment than just a camera is needed to make really awesome shots. Things such as a follow focus, a slider, or a JIB, and a camera rig. None of these things are essential for shooting, but they are very helpful and specifically designed to get specific (and awesome) shots. In many cases the equipment I just listed is much more expensive than the camera itself. However, I found a pretty cool little website called They try and make good equipment which is also significantly cheaper than many other competitors. I still can't afford any of their stuff at the moment, but that's what student loans will do to you. That's not the point though; I applaud indi systems for actually trying to make quality products that many people could actually afford. I know this is a short post and I am basically just plugging a website, but I thought it was worth mentioning. to life, kf